Advantages of Digital Inbound Marketing


Digital inbound marketing is a term used to refer to the method of pulling customers and clients to products or services through marketing of the content, using the social media to market, branding of products and search engine optimization. Unlike the outbound method which just interrupts other platforms in form of advertisements, the inbound marketing technique targets the right prospect of the audience and converts them into customers. For the inbound marketing to succeed, it requires tools like social media, blogs and search engine optimization. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

Blogs have become very popular in the 21st Century and hence proven to be very useful in marketing, and especially the inbound method. In the blogs, marketers are able to attract fans by providing the right brand at the right time. The marketers then convert the fans into possible customers by designing specific content for them. The second tool is the search engine optimization (SEO) which allows an easy search of the product by enhancing the visibility of a webpage or a website, so as to direct prospects into getting the content. This is done by allowing certain words or phrases to be positioned higher in the search results. The third platform is the social media. Billions of people use social media to connect with friends and just for fun. However, marketers have taken the opportunity of using social media to allow certain information to reach out to a targeted group of people. By providing distinctive content, social media allow brands to get new leads that can be turned into customers.

The digital inbound marketing technique follows a four-step process in order for it to work. These steps include: attract, convert, close and delight. The marketer is required to be present in all the four stages. Firstly, the marketer needs to attract people. In attract, the marketer creates content that targets a group of people who are likely to be interested in the product of the company by doing a background research on the needs of the people who will find a solution of their need in his/her company. Secondly, the marketer then converts the people into prospects by collecting contact information like email addresses. Here’s a good read about inbound marketing, check it out!

This is done by giving the prospect a gift, maybe a tutorial or a free sample so that the prospect readily gives their contact information. In the close stage, marketers use the contacts provided to stay in touch with the prospect with the aim of turning them into a customer. They do this by sending videos, emails or messages related to the field of interest. It is highly guaranteed that the person will buy the product, and that is when the fourth step comes in, where the marketer delights the customer by remaining in touch with the hope of maintaining the customer. The main advantage of the digital inbound marketing is that the marketer does not pay for the advertisement; therefore, the content stays on the platform for as long as the marketer wants. Please click this link for more info.


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